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Heavy enquiries witness the quality of our products. 大量询盘证明我们产品质量过硬。

As soon as the price picks up, enquiries will revive. 一旦价格回升,询盘将恢复活跃。

Enquiries for carpets are getting more numerous. 对地毯的询盘日益增加。

Enquiries are so large that we can only than allot you 200 cases. 询盘如此之多,我们只能分给你们200箱货。

Enquiries are dwindling. 询盘正在减少。

Generally speaking, inquiries are made by the buyers. 询盘一般由买方发出。

Mr. Baker is sent to Beijing to make an inquiry at China National Textiles Corporation. 贝克先生来北京向中国纺织公司进行询价。

We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available. 很遗憾,你们所询的货物现在无货。

To make an inquiry about our oranges, a representative of the Japanese company paid us a visit. 为了对我们的橙子询价,那家日本公司的一名代表访问了我们。

We cannot take care of your enquiry at present. 我们现在无力顾及你方的询盘。

Your enquiry is too vague to enable us to reply you. 你们的询盘不明确,我们无法答复。

Now that we’ve already made an inquiry about your articles, will you please reply as soon as possible? 既然我们已经对你们产品询价,可否尽快给予答复?

In the import and export business, we often make inquiries at foreign suppliers. 在进出口交易中,我们常向外商询价。

Can you give me an indication of price? 你能给我一个估价吗?

Please let us know your lowest possible prices for the relevant goods. 请告知你们有关商品的最低价。

If your prices are favorable, I can place the order right away. 如果你们的价格优惠,我们可以马上订货。

When can I have your firm C.I.F. prices, Mr. Li? 李先生,什么时候能得到你们到岸价的实盘?

We’d like to know what you can offer as well as your sales conditions. 我们想了解你们能供应什么,以及你们的销售条件。

How long does it usually take you to make delivery? 你们通常要多久才能交货?

Could you make prompt delivery? 可以即期交货吗?

Would you accept delivery spread over a period of time?不知你们能不能接受在一段时间里分批交货?


We’re willing to make you a firm offer at this price. 我们愿意以此价格为你报实盘。

We can offer you a quotation based upon the international market. 我们可以按国际市场价格给您报价。

We’ll let you have the official offer next Monday. 下星期就给您正式报盘。

I come to hear about your offer for fertilizers. 我来听听你们有关化肥的报盘。

My offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild speculations. 我的报价以合理利润为依据,不是漫天要价。

No other buyers have bid higher than this price. 没有别的买主的出价高于此价。

We can’t accept your offer unless the price is reduced by 5%. 除非你们减价5%,否则我们无法接受报盘。

I’m afraid I don’t find your price competitive at all. 我看你们的报价毫无任何竞争性。

Let me make you a special offer. 好吧,我给你一个特别优惠价。

We’ll give you the preference of our offer. 我们将优先向你们报盘。

This offer is based on an expanding market and is competitive. 此报盘着眼于扩大销路而且很有竞争性。

The offer holds good until 5 o’clock p.m. June 23, 2000, Beijing time. 报价有效期到1997年6月22日下午5点,北京时间。

All prices in the price lists are subject to our confirmation. 报价单中所有价格以我方确认为准。

Our offers are for 3 days. 我们的报盘三天有效。

I’m afraid the quotation is unacceptable. 恐怕你方的报价不能接受。

We cannot make any headway with your offer. 你们的报盘未得任何进展。

We prefer to withhold quotation for a time. 我们宁愿暂停报盘。

Buyers do not welcome offers made at wide intervals. 买主不欢迎报盘间隔太久。

Now we look forward to replying to our offer in the form of counter-offer. 现在我们希望你们能以还盘的形式对我方报盘予以答复。

Your price is too high to interest buyers in counter-offer. 你的价格太高,买方没有兴趣还盘。

I’ll respond to your counter-offer by reducing our price by three dollars. 我同意你们的还价,减价3元。

I appreciate your counter-offer but find it too low. 谢谢您的还价,可我觉得太低了


We signed a contract for medicines. 我们签订了一份药品合同。

A Japanese company and SINOCHEM have entered into a new contract. 中国化工进出口总公司已经和日本一家公司签订了一份新合同。

I know we (the seller) should draw up a contract and the buyer has to sign it. 我们知道我们(卖方)应该拟出一份合同,买方必须签署合同。

We both want to sign a contract, and we have to make some concessions to do it. 我们都想签合同,因此双方都要做些让步。

Our current contract is about to expire, and we’ll need to discuss a new one. 欧文们现有合同快要期满了,需要再谈一个新合同。

We ought to clear up problems arising from the old contract. 我们应该清理一下老合同中出现的问题。

Do you always make out a contract for every deal? 每笔交易都需要订一份合同吗?

These are two originals of the contract we prepared. 这是我们准备好的两份合同正本。

We enclose our sales contract No.45 in duplicate. 附上我们第45号销售合同一式两份。

May I refer you to the contract stipulation about packing (or shipping….)? 请您看看合同中有关包装(装运)的规定。

There is an arbitration clause in the contract. (or insurance clause, inspection clause, shipping clause…) 这是合同中的一项仲裁条款。(或:保险条款,检验条款,装运条款等)

We sincerely hope that both quality and quantity are in conformity with the contract stipulations. 我们真诚希望质量、数量都与合同规定相吻合。

The contract states that the supplier will be charged a penalty if there is a delay in delivery. 合同规定如果供货商延误交货期,将被罚款。

The contract comes into effect today, we can’t go back on our word now. 合同已于今日生效,我们不能反悔了。

Once the contract is approved by the Chinese government, it is legally binding upon both parties. 合同一经中国政府批准,对双方就有了法律约束力。

We always carry out the terms of our contract to the letter and stand by what we say. 我们坚持重合同,守信用。

You have no grounds for backing out of the contract. 你们没有正当理由背弃合同。

In case one party fails to carry out the contract, the other party is entitled to cancel the contract. 如果一方不执行合同,另一方有权撤消该合同。

This contract will come into force as soon as it is signed by two parties. 合同一经双方签定即生效。

Are you worrying about the non-execution of the contract and non-payment on our part? 你是否担心我们不履行合同或者拒不付款?

You cannot cancel the contract without first securing our agreement. 如果没有事先征得我们同意,你们不能取消合同


Your goods are superior in quality compared with those of other manufacturers. 和其他厂商相比,贵方产品质量上乘。

We’re here to discuss the trade marks of your products. 我们来谈谈贵产品的商标一事。

We have received the goods you send us, the quality is excellent. 我们已经收到贵方的发货,质量很好。

The goods are available in different qualities. 此货有多种不同的质量可供。

Our quality is based solely on our sales samples. 我们的质量完全以货样为准。

Nothing wrong will happen, so long as the quality of your article is good. 只要商品质量可靠,就不会发生差错。

If the quality of your products is satisfactory, we may place regular orders. 如果你们产品的质量使我们满意,我们将不断订货。

There is no marked qualitative difference between the two. 两者在质量上无显着差异。

We sincerely hope the quality are in conformity with the contract stipulations. 我们真诚希望质量与合同规定相符。

As long as the quality is good, it hardly matters if the price is a little bit higher. 只要能保证质量,售价高点都无所谓。

Prices are fixed according to their quality, aren’t they? 价格按质量的好坏而定,对吗?

The transferee must see to it that the quality of the product is maintained. 接受转让一方要负责保持产品的质量。

Our Certificate of Quality is made valid by means of the official seal. 我们的质量证明书盖公章方为有效。

The new varieties have very vivid designs and beautiful colors. 新产品图案新颖,色泽鲜艳。

We’ll improve the quality of our products and production efficiency. 我们将改进产品质量,提高生产率。

They are fully qualified to pass opinions on the quality of this merchandise. 他们完全有资格对这种产品的质量发表意见。

We would like to have you offer us 100 metric tons, quality same as last. 希望您能报给我们100吨质量和上次相同的货。

The quality is all right, but the style is a bit outdated. 质量无问题,只是式样有点过时。

We found the goods didn’t agree with the original patterns. 我们发现货物与原式样不符。

These two grades are very much in demand. 这两种等级(的货)目前需求甚殷。

The quality of the fertilizer is inferior to that stipulated in the contract. 化肥质量次于合同中规定的。

We always have faith in the quality of your products. 我们对你们产品的质量总是很信任。

We are responsible to replace the defective ones. 我们保换质量不合格的产品


For such a big sum, we should attach importance to it. 数目如此之大,我们将予以重视。

Let’s talk about the problem of quantity. 我们谈谈数量的问题吧。

You’ll issue a certificate of quantity and weight. 你们必须出具数量和重量证明书。

The package number and quantity are identical with each other. 包装号与商品数量相吻合。

Quantity matters as much as quality of price, doesn’t it? 数量和价格、质量一样重要,是吗?

We believe we shall be able to better satisfy our customers quantitatively. 我们相信能在数量上更好地使客户满意。

This is the maximum quantity we can supply at present. 这是目前我们所能提供的最大数量。

For such a big quantity, you should give us a discount. 这么大的订单,贵公司可否给我们折扣?

We want a minimum of 1,000 dozen of men’s shirts and minimum of 5,000 dozen of embroidered shirts. 男衬衣至少要1000打,绣花衬衣至少需要5000打。

Can you give us an additional 200 cases? 能再增加200箱吗?

We’ll try our best to satisfy you with the additional 10,000 tons of coal as you asked. 你们要求增加一万吨煤,我们将尽量满足你们。

We sell our goods on shipping weight and not on landed weight. 我们出售产品是以装船重量为标准,而不是卸货重量。

But what in case there is short weight or disqualification? 但如果短重或是质量不合格怎么办?

If the quantity of the goods does not conform to that stipulated in the contract, the importer will refuse to accept the goods. 如果进口商发现货物数量与合同规定不符,他将拒收。

You remarked yesterday you would sell on shipped quality, quantity, and weight. 你昨天强调过你们售货以船装质量、数量和重量为准。

Quantities of Black Tea have been exported. 已经有大批红茶出口。

They are not interested in small quantities. 他们对小数量不感兴趣。

Useful quantities have changed hands. 较大的数量已经转手。

Have you seen the shortage claim from our company? 您看过我公司的短重索赔报告了吗?

500 pieces in total. 总共有500件。

They always buy in large quantities. 他们总是大量购买。


Business is closed at this price. 交易就按此价敲定。

Your price is acceptable (unacceptable). 你方价格可以(不可以)接受。

Your price is convincing (not convincing). 你方价格有吸引力(无吸引力)。

Your price is competitive (not competitive). 你方价格有竞争力(无竞争力)。

The goods are (not) competitively priced. 此货的定价有(无)竞争力。

Price is turning high(low). 价格上涨(下跌)。

Price is high(low). 价格高(低)。 Price is rising (falling). 价格上涨(下跌) 。

Price is looking up. 价格看涨。 Price has skyrocketed. 价格猛涨。

Price has risen in a spiral. 价格螺旋上升。 The Japanese yen is strengthening. 日圆坚挺。

The U.S. Dollar is weakening. 美圆疲软。

Since the prices of the raw materials have been raised, I’m afraid that we have to adjust the prices of our products accordingly. 由于原材料价格上涨,我们不得不对产品的价格做相应的调整。

Price is hovering between $5 and $8. 价格徘徊于5至8美元之间。

Price is easy off. 价格趋于疲软。

DM210 is equivalent to 400 RMB. 210德国马克折合人民币400元。

C.I.F. is the price term normally adopted by you, right? C.I.F.是你们经常采用的价格条件,是吗?

In case F.O.B. is used, risks and charges are to be passed over to the buyers once the cargo is put on board the ship. 如果采用离岸价,货一上船,货物的风险和费用就都转给买方了。

Your price is quoted C&F Xingang at DM200 per washer, right? 你方报价是每台洗衣机200德国马克,C&F新港价,对吗?

I can give you a definite answer on the price terms. 我可以就价格条件答复你方。

Don’t you wish to employ RMB of ours? US Dollars might be adopted. 如果你们不同意用我们的人民币结算,美圆也可以。

Are you afraid of losing money due to exchange rate fluctuations? 您是不是怕由于汇率浮动而吃亏?


The next thing I’d like to bring up for discussion is packing. 下面我想提出包装问题讨论一下。

We’d like to hear what you say concerning the matter of packing. 我很想听听你们就包装问题发表意见。

Please make an offer indicating the packing. 请报价并说明包装情况。

Your opinions on packing will be passed on to our manufacturers. 你们对包装的意见将转达给厂商。

Packing also effects the reputation of our products. 包装也影响产品的声誉。

A packing that catches the eye will help us push the sales. 醒目的包装有助于我们推销产品。

I’m sure the new packing will give your clients satisfaction. 我相信新包装定会使您的客户满意。 Different articles require different packing. 不同商品需要不同的包装。

Packing charge is about 3% of the total cost of the goods. 包装费用占货物总值的百分之三。

Normally, packing charge is included in the contract price. 一般地,合同价格中已经包括了包装费用。

The crux of packing lies in protecting the goods from moisture. 包装的关键是防潮。

The machines must be well protected against dampness, moisture, rust and shock. 机器包装必须防湿、防潮、防锈、防震。

It is necessary to improve the packaging. 改进包装方法十分必要。

The unique design of the packing will help you promote the sale of drugs. 独特的包装将有助于我们推销这些药品。

The packing must be strong enough to withstand rough handling. 包装必须十分坚固,以承受粗率的搬运。

The packings are in good (bad) order. 包装完好无损(破损)。

Our packing will be on a par with that of the Japanese. 我们的包装可以与日本同行相媲美。

We have especially reinforced out pacing in order to minimize the extent of any possible damage to the goods. 我们已经特意加固包装,以便使货物万一遭到的损坏减小到最低程度。

We agree to use cartons for outer packing. 我们同意用纸箱做外包装。

The piece goods are to be wrapped in kraft paper, then packed in wooden cases. 布匹在装入木箱以前要用牛皮纸包好。

We use metal angles at each corner of the carton. 每个箱角都用金属角加固。

Each case is lined with foam plastics in order to protect the goods against press. 箱子里垫有泡沫塑料以免货物受压。

The canned goods are to be packed in cartons with double straps. 罐装货物在纸箱里,外面加两道箍。

Please mark the cases (boxes,bags,casks,etc) as per the drawing given. 请按所给的图样在箱(盒、袋、桶等等)上刷唛头。

On the outer packing, please mark wording, “Handle with Care”. 在外包装上请标明”小心轻放”字样 保险:

what is the insurance premium? 保险费是多少?

Mr. Zhang met Mr. William in the office of the People’ Insurance Company of China. 张先生在中国人民保险公司的办公室接待了威廉先生。

This information office provides clients with information on cargo insurance. 这个问讯处为顾客提供大量关于货物投保方面的信息。

The underwriters are responsible for the claim as far as it is within the scope of cover. 只要是在保险责任范围内,保险公司就应负责赔偿。

The extent of insurance is stipulated in the basic policy form and in the various risk clause. 保险的范围写在基本保险单和各种险别的条款里。

Please fill in the application form. 请填写一下投保单。

What risks is the People’s Insurance Company of China able to cover? 中国人民保险公司承保的险别有哪些?

May I ask what exactly insurance covers according to your usual C.I.F terms? 请问根据你们常用的CIF价格条件,所保的究竟包括哪些险别?

It ‘s important for you to read the “fine print” in any insurance policy so that you know what kind of coverage you are buying. 阅读保险单上的”细则”对你是十分重要的,这样就能知道你要买的保险包括哪些项目。

The rates quoted by us are very moderate. Of course, the premium varies with the range of insurance. 我们所收取的费率是很有限的,当然,保险费用要根据投保范围的大小而有所不同。

W.P.A coverage is too narrow for a shipment of this nature, please extend the coverage to include TPND. 针对这种性质的货物只保水渍险是不够的,请加保偷盗提货不成险。

What kind of insurance are you able to provide for my consignment? 贵公司能为我的这批货保哪些险呢?

The insurance rate for such kink of risk will vary according to the kind. 这类险别的保险费率将根据货物种类而定。

Insurance brokers will quote rates for all types of cargo and risks. 保险经纪人会开出承保各类货物的各种险别的费用。

You should study not only the benefits but also the terms and limitations of an insurance agreement that appears best suited to your needs. 你不仅要研究各种保险所标明的给予保险人的赔偿费用,还要研究它的条件与限制,然后选出最适合你需要的一种。

Not every breakage is a particular average. 并不是所有的破碎险都属于单独海损。

The coverage is W.P.A. plus Risk of Breakage. 投保的险别为水渍险加破碎险。

Then “all marine risks” means less than “all risks”. 那么,”一切海洋运输货物险”意味着比”一切险”范围小一些。

In the insurance business, the term “average” simply means “loss” in most cases. 在保险业中”average”一词一般是”海损”的意思。

Health insurance is merely a mean by which people pool money to guard against the sudden economic consequences of sickness or injury. 健康保险就是筹集一些钱以预防疾病或受伤而突然发生的经济困难


Shall we take up the question of inspection today? 今天咱们讨论商品检验问题吧。

As an integral part of the contract, the inspection of goods has its special importance. 作为合同里的一个组成部分,商品检验具有特殊的重要性。

The exporters have the right to inspect the export goods before delivery to the shipping line. 出口商在向船运公司托运前有权检验商品。

The inspection should be completed within a month after the arrival of the goods. 商品检验工作在到货后一个月内完成。

I’m worried that there might be some disputes over the results of inspection. 我担心对商检的结果会发生争议。

Where do you wish to reinspect the goods? 您希望在哪里复验商品?

The importers have the right to reinspect the goods after their arrival. 进口商在货到后有权复验商品。

It’s very complicated to have the goods reinspected and tested. 这批货测试和复验起来比较复杂。

What if the results from the inspection and the reinspection do not coincide with each other? 如果检验和复验的结果有出入该怎么办呢?

Who issues the inspection certificate in case the quality do not confirm to the contract? 如果货物的质量与合同不符,由谁出具检验证明书呢?

The certificate will be issued by China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau or by any of its branches. 检验证明书将由中国进出口商品检验局或其分支机构出具。

As a rule, our certificate is made out in Chinese and English. 通常证明书是用中文和英文开具的。

Our Inspection Bureau will issue a Veterinary Inspection Certificate to show that the shipment is in conformity with export standards. 商检局将出具动物检疫证明书以证明货物符合出口标准。

We have the best surveyor, China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau. 我们有最好的公证行,即中国进出口商品检验局。

Mr. Black is talking with the Chinese importer about inspecting the goods. 布莱克先生与中方进口商就商品检验问题进行洽谈。

How should we define the inspection rights? 商检的权力怎样加以明确呢?

We’ll accept the goods only if the results from the two inspections are identical with each other. 如果双方的检测结果一致,我们就收货。

Our certificates are made valid by means of the official seal and personal chop of the commissioner. 我们的证明书以盖公章和局长签字为有效。

Our goods must be up to export standards before the Inspection Bureau releases them. 我们的货物只有在符合出口标准后,商检局才予以放行。

What’s the time limit for the reinspection? 复验的时限是什么时候


The shipment has arrived in good condition. 运到之货情况良好。

I hope you’ll be entirely satisfied with this initial shipment. 我希望您能对第一批货感到满意。

Please exercise better care with future shipments. 对今后装运的货,请多加注意。

Can last shipment be duplicated? 上次装运的货能再卖一批吗?

We’ll send vessels to pick up the cargo at Huangpu. 我们将派船只在黄埔装运。

We can get preferential duty rates when we ship to the U.S.A. 我们能在货物装运到美国时获得优惠税率。

Can our order of 100 cars be shipped as soon as possible? 我们订的100辆小汽车能尽快装运吗?

The order No. 105 is so urgently required that we have to ask you to speed up shipment. 第105号订单所订货物我们要急用,请你们加快装船速度。

Could you possibly effect shipment more promptly? 你们能不能提前一点交货呢?

If shipment were effected from Hong Kong, we could receive the goods much earlier. 如果在香港交货,我们可以更早些收到货物。

Could you do something to advance your shipment? 你们能不能设法提前交货?

I’m sorry to tell you that we are unable to give you a definite date of shipment for the time being. 很抱歉,现在我们还无法告诉您确切的装船日期。

After shipment, it will be altogether four to five weeks before the goods can reach our retailers. 从交货到零售商收到货物总共需要4至5个星期。

We assure you that shipment will be made no later than the first half of April. 请您放心,我们交货期不会迟于4月份上半月。

We’d better have a brief talk about the loading port. 我们最好能就装运港问题简短地谈一谈。

We are always willing to choose the big ports as the loading ports. 我们总希望用较大的港口作为装运港。

Shall we have a talk on the port of discharge this afternoon? 咱们今天下午是不是谈谈卸货港的问题?

He exchanged views on the choice of the unloading port with Mr. Smith. 他和史密斯先生就选择卸货港问题交换了意见。

Sometimes, we have to make a transshipment because there is no suitable loading port in the producing country. 有时因为在生产国找不到合适的装港,我们不得不转船。

In case of transhipment, we have to pay extra transportation charges. 货物如果转运,我们得多付运费。 Partial shipment is allowed. 允许分批装运。

We must have the goods here in September for reshipment. 货物必须9月份到达此地以便再转运。


We arrange shipments to any part of the world. 我们承揽去世界各地的货物运输。

From what I’ve heard you’re ready well up in shipping work. 据我所知,您对运输工作很在行。

What is your specific transport requirement? 你们需要的运输条件是什么?

It will cause a lot of problems in our transportation. 这将给我们的运输带来很多问题。

The two sides finally reached an agreement on the mode of transportation. 双方就运输方式达成了协议。

Today let’s discuss the mode of transportation of the steel we ordered. 今天我们就谈谈关于钢材的运输方式吧。

How do you usually move your machines? 你们出口机器习惯使用哪种运输方式?

The goods are now in transit. 此批货物正在运输途中。

Do you do any chartering? 你们租船吗?

A part of the goods were damaged in transit. 一部分货物在运输途中受损。

Transport by sea is the most important mode of transportation in the world today. 海运是目前世界上最重要的一种运输方式。

Please have the goods transported by air. 请空运此批货。

We don’t think it is proper to transport the goods by railway. 我们认为此货不适合用铁路运输。

You may have some difficulties in arranging railway transportation, I guess. 我猜你们安排铁路运输有困难。

If the goods are to be transshipped from one means of transportation to another during the course of the entire voyage, it’s called “combined transportation”. 如果货物在运输途中交换交通工具,这便是”联运”。

We think it necessary to move the articles by way of combined transportation. 我们认为联运货物十分必要。

It’s simpler and cheaper for both of us to arrange multimodal combined transportation. 安排联运对我们双方都既简单又经济。

Freight for shipment from Shanghai to Hongkong is to be charged to your account. 从上海到香港的运费由贵方负担。

The bill of lading should be marked as “freight prepaid”. 提单上应该注明”运费预付”字样。

We’ll send you by air a full set of non-negotiable documents immediately after the goods are loaded. 货一发运,我们就寄给你方一套单据副本。

when the goods have been loaded, you can get the B/L signed by the master of the vessel. 货装上船后,你可以得到由船长签字的提单。

We’ll send you two sets of the Shipped, Clean Bill of Lading. 我们将寄送两套已装运清洁提单


It’s convenient to make payment in pound sterling. 用英镑付款较方便。

We can’t accept payment on deferred terms. 我们不能接受延期付款。

What’s your reason for the refusal of payment? 你们拒付的理由是什么?

You ought to pay us the bank interest once payment is wrongly refused. 如果拒付错了,你们应该偿付我方的银行利息。

We’ll not pay until shipping documents for the goods have reached us. 见不到货物装船单据,我们不付款。

What is the mode of payment you wish to employ? 您希望用什么方式付款?

This is the normal terms of payment in international business. 这是国际贸易中惯用的付款方式。

Please protect our draft on presentation. 请见票即付。

Your draft will be honoured on presentation. 你方的汇票见票即付。

We’ve drawn a clean draft on you for the value of this sample shipment. 我们已经开出光票向你方索取这批货的价款。

We’ve drawn on you for payment of the invoice amounting to $20,000. 我们已经按照发票金额20,000美圆向你方开出了汇票。

We’ll draw on you by our documentary draft at sight on collection basis. 我们将按托收方式向你方开出即期跟单汇票。

The draft was discounted in New York. 汇票已经在纽约贴现。

We’ll agree to change the terms of payment from L/C at sight to D/P at sight. 我们同意将即期信用证付款方式改为即期付款交单。

We can do the business on 60 days D/P basis. 我们可以按60天付款交单的方式进行交易。

As a special sign of encouragement, we’ll consider accepting payment by D/P at this sales-purchasing stage. 在此推销阶段,我们将考虑接受付款交单方式以资鼓励。

I suppose D/P or D/A should be adopted as the mode of payment this time. 我建议这次用付款交单或承兑交单方式来付款。

L/C at sight is normal for our exports to France. 我们向法国出口一般使用即期信用证付款。

Our terms of payment is confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit. 我们的付款条件是保兑的不可撤消的信用证。

For payment we require 100% value, irrevocable L/C in our favour with partial shipment allowed clause available by draft at sight. 我们要求用不可撤消的、允许分批装运、金额为全部货款、并以我方为抬头人的信用证,凭即期汇票支付。

It’s expensive to open an L/C because we need to put a deposit in the bank. 开证得交押金,因此花费较大。

Your refusal to amend the L/C is equivalent to cancellation of the order. 你们拒绝修改信用证就等于取消订单。


In consideration of your extensive experience in the field, we are glad to appoint you as our agent. 考虑到你们在这一业务范围的丰富经验,我们很高兴指定你们为我们的代理。

We keep a stock in London and act as distributors as well as agents. 我们在伦敦有库存并经营销售兼做代理。

We’ve decided to entrust you with the sole agency for cars. 我们决定委托你作为我们汽车的独家代理。

We can play an important part as a buying agent in your overseas trade. 我们能在担任你方海外贸易的进口代理中起重要作用。

We’ll leave aside the problem of agency until next week. 我们暂时把代理问题搁置到下周。

We’re in a position to take good care of your import business as a buying agent. 我们能负起作为你方进口业务中买放代理的责任。

Unless you increase the turnover, we can hardly appoint you as our sole agent. 除非你们增加营业额,否则我们无法指定你们作为我方的独家代理。

When opportunity matures, we will consider making you our exclusive agent for the U.K. 当机会成熟时,我们将考虑委托你为我方在联合王国的独家代理。

I am here today to apply for the sole agency of your product in our local market. 我今天来是为了申请做你方产品在我国市场上的独家代理。

We’ll consider appointing you as our sole agent for our T shirts for the next two years in your local market. 我们将考虑指定您为贵国市场上T恤衫的独家代理,为期两年。

I propose a sole agency agreement for bicycles for a period of 3 years. 我建议订一个专销自行车的为期三年的独家代理协议。

When do you expect to sign the agency agreement? 您何时签定代理协议呢?

The agency agreement has been drawn up for the period of one year. 为期一年的代理协议书已经拟订出来。

I want to sign a sole agency agreement with you on this item for a period of 2 years. 我想和你们签定一项为期两年的独家代理协议。

Well, what annual quantity would you like to suggest for the new agreement then? 那么,您认为在新的协议中年销售量应是多少呢?

I hope you’ll spare no efforts to promote the sale of our products so as to pave the way for renewing the agency agreement when it expires at the end of this year. 希望贵能尽力促进销售,为协议在今年年底期满后续订铺平道路。

We can renew the agreement of agency on its expiry. 我们可以在代理协议期满时续订。

I’ve come again to renew our sole agency agreement for another 3 years. 我们这次再访是想把我们之间的独家代理协议延长三年。

I’m entitled to being appointed as your agent. 我有权被指定为你方代理。

Please get in touch with our agents for the supply of the goods you require. 你们所需的商品,请与我们的代理联系。


We’ve given your claim our careful consideration. 我们已经就你们提出的索赔做了仔细研究。

We filed a claim with(against) you for the shortweight. 关于短重问题,我们已经向你方提出索赔。

The Chinese representative and Mr.Bake discussed the claim. 中方代表与贝克先生商谈了索赔问题。

We have received your remittance in settlement of our claim. 我们已经收到你方解决我们索赔问题的汇款。

Claims for incorrect material must be made within 60 days after arrival of the goods. 有关不合格材料的索赔问题必须在货到后60天内予以解决。

We have already made a careful investigation of the case. 我们已经对这个索赔案件做了详细的调查研究。

I want to settle our claim on you for the 100 tons of bleached cotton waste, as per Sales Confirmation No. 1254E. 我们想处理一下关于销售确认书第1254E号100吨漂白废棉的索赔问题。

We are not in a position to entertain your claim. 我们不能接受你们提出的索赔要求。

But we regret our inability to accommodate your claim. 很抱歉我们不能接受你方索赔。

I’ll write to our home office to waive our claim immediately. 我立即写信给我们的总公司提出放弃索赔。

I’m afraid you should compensate us by 5% of the total amount of the contract. 贵公司要赔偿我方合同全部金额的百分之五。

We regret for the loss you have suffered and agree to compensate you by $500. 我们对你方遭受的损失深表歉意,同意向你们赔偿500美圆。

I propose we compensate you by 3% of the total value plus inspection fee. 我想我们赔偿贵方百分之三的损失,另外加上商检费。

There are some different types of claims. 索赔有几种不同的类型。

This is a claim on quality. 这是质量索赔。

This is a claim on shortweight. 这是短重索赔。

This is a claim on delayed shipment. 这是延期装运索赔。

Claim on shortweight is caused by packing damage or shortloading. 短重索赔是由包装破损或装运短重引起的。

Claim on delayed shipment is that sellers fail to make the delivery according to time schedule. 延期索赔是对卖方没有按时装运货物而提出的索赔。

Claim on quality originates from inferior quality of goods or quality changes. 品质(质量)索赔是在货物质量低劣或是质量改变的条件下发生的。

to inquire about 对…询价 to make an inquiry 发出询盘;向…询价 to make delivery 交货

to make prompt-delivery 即期交货 firm price 实价,实盘 firm offer 实盘 official offer 正式报价(报盘)

to make an offer for 对…报盘(报价) to offer for 对…报价 wild speculation 漫天要价

the preference of one’s offer 优先报盘 subject to 以…为条件,以…为准 make headway 有进展

at wide intervals 间隔时间太长 counter-offer 还盘,还价 to sign a contract 签合同

to enter into a contract 订合同 to draw up a contract 拟订合同

to be stipulated in the contract 在合同中予以规定 to be laid down in the contract 在合同中列明

to come into effect 生效 to go (enter)into force 生效 to cease to be in effect/force 失效

quality clause 品质条款 quality certificate 品质证明书 quality of export and import commodities 进出口商品质量

good merchantable quality 全销质量 to be in conformity with 与…一致 to compared with 与…相比

to be responsible for 对…负责 to be inferior to 次于… transferer 转让者 transferee 受让者

to attach importance to sth. 对…引起重视 to be identical with, to conform to 与…相符,与…相吻合 quantities of sth. 大批…

to change hands 转手 in total 总共 discount 折扣 in large quantities 大量 minimum quantity 最小数量 maximum quantity 最大数量

short weight 短重 priced 已标价的,有定价的 pricing 定价,标价 to be equivalent to 相当于

to employ 用…计价,采用… exchange rate 汇率 to pass over 转给,转嫁

to adopt, to employ, to use (某种价格术语)采用某种价格 packing charge 包装费用

packing expenses 包装费用 packaging 包装方法 be in good order 完好 be in bad order 实价,实盘

to be on a par with 与…相媲美 rough handling 粗率的处理 to reinforce the packing 加固包装

to cover (effect,arrange,take out) insurance 投保 insurance coverage; risks covered 保险范围

fine print 细则 to provide the insurance 为…提供保险 premium rate 保险费率 ocean marine cargo insurance,

marine insurance 水险(海运货物保险) average 海损 Particular Average (P.A) 单独海损

General Average (G.A) 共同海损 Marine Losses 海损 partial loss 部分损失 total loss 全部损失

inspection of commodity 商品检验 reinspect 复验 to coincide with 与……相符

be in conformity with 与……一致 be identical with 与……一致 Inspection Certificate 检验证明

surveyor 检验行,公证行 to make delivery of the goods 交货 to take delivery of the goods 提货

transshipment (T.S.) 转运 to tranship (transship) 转运 transhipment permited 允许转运

transhipment prohibited 不许转运 transit shipment 转运,中转 transhipment on route 中途转运 transhipment to be allowed 准许转运 partial shipment 分批装运 to be in transit 正在运输

to do charter 租船 to have some difficulties in 在…有困难 to arrange transport 安排运输

combined transportation 联运 a full set of 一整套 mode of transportation 运输方式

way of transportation 运输方式 means of transportation 运输方式 to transport by sea 海运

to transport by railway 铁运 transportation by sea, land, air, and mail 海、陆、空、邮运输

the refusal of payment 拒付 payment terms 支付条件,付款方式 the mode of payment 付款方式

discount 贴现 to amend L/C 修改信用证 leave aside 搁置 get in touch with 与……联系

to be entitled to 有权 to pave the way for 为……铺平道路 in settlement of 解决

to make an investigation 调查研究 Sales Confirmation 销售确认书 claim for short weight 由于短重而索赔

claim for damage 由于损坏而索赔 claim for loss and damage of cargo 货物损失索赔

claim for inferior quality 由于质量低劣而索赔 claim against carrier 向承运人索赔

claims settlement 理赔 claim indemnity 索赔 claims rejected 拒赔 claims statement 索赔清单

claims settling fee 理赔代理费